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We are midwestern women with BAs in English. These are our stories.

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Kate Belew: Kate Belew is a recent grad of  Kalamazoo College. In Kalamazoo, she interned with the reading series at The Kalamazoo Book Arts Center, and received the Nature in Words Fellowship at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute where wrote in the woods all summer. She has been published in journals such as The Minetta Review, Collision Literary Magazine, and Cliterature. When she’s not writing she’s dancing, hula hooping, or reading tarot cards. View all posts here.

Annie Gough: Annie is a current graduate from Kalamazoo College who lives in Detroit. She enjoys writing in a myriad of genres and has had works published in such journals as Untitled, With Passengers, The Cauldron, and Dark River Review. She is enthusiastic about elderly dogs, writing with lyricism, foraging garlic mustard, and all things Scottish. View all posts here.

Jane Huffman:  Jane is a born and bred Metro-Detroiter who is currently writing from an attic in Iowa City.  Her poetry has been published widely in print and online, recently in Radar Poetry, Word Riot, and RHINO Poetry. She is an editorial assistant for Sundress Publications. She has her BA from Kalamazoo College and is an MFA candidate in poetry at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Beyond writing, Jane believes in theatre, ghosts, and the Midwest. View all posts here.

Laura Manardo: Laura focused primarily on fiction during her undergraduate studies at Kalamazoo College. She is currently living in Chicago, IL working at Yelp. Laura dreams of owning a fluffy kitten that she would name after an herb. One time Laura sang “Baby Got Back” during a concert for her a cappella group and people weren’t angry. View all posts here.

Hunter Parsons: Hunter is a recent graduate from Kalamazoo College with a BA in English with a writing emphasis. Hunter’s poems have been published This Heart is Homebound as well as Kalamazoo College’s literary magazine, The Cauldron. While she is living the post-grad life of stuffing too many books into a tiny bedroom near Detroit, Michigan, she has found a way to fit all of her plants safely in her windowsill, and for now, that is enough. View all posts here.

This is the deep end. Swim at your own risk.


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